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Working from home is everyone’s dream job. We get to work from our PJs, drink excessive coffee, and generally enjoy our work-based life. The current world has made working from home a reality for many more professionals. So this is becoming a reality for more and more young and old workers! So, is it all it cracks up to be? As someone who’s spent my own career as a home-based freelance business content writer, I’m here to give you the scoop!


Fact and fiction on WFH life

Working from home (WFH) life is filled with ups and downs, just like working from an office. Here are some of the most important and surprising fact-and-fiction must-knows.

  • FACT: It’s convenient. Definitely. From early commutes to red-light stress to instant access to free coffee, it will be an excellent choice for those who want a convenient world. The world comes to you when you work from home.  


  • FICTION: It’s easier. Unfortunately, this is fiction in many cases. Working from home is challenging at the best of times. This is for all sorts of reasons, including noise from our housemates, family, or neighbours, uncontrolled internet access, and the call of the video game console in the other room. From distractions to the sheer freedom of not working, adjusting from an office to working from home is challenging. And personal life can get in the way where it wouldn’t from the office.

  • FACT: It requires a workstation of some kind. While couchbasedbiz is all about working from the convenience of your own home and enjoying the comfort of a profitable home-based business, very few professionals recommend actually working from your literal couch. It’s essential to have some sort of formal workstation where you can organize your work equipment and have room for everything, yet still have it within reach! The killer of productivity is frustration, after all!

  • FICTION: It’ll be impossible to focus. Many people will tell you that it will be tough to focus when you work from home. However, this is fiction — if you do it right. WFH will take organization and diligence at first. Still, many find no drop in productivity once they adjust.

  • FACT: It’s easier to stay on top of personal and professional things. This is a happy truth! From remembering to call the doctor to planning a sleepover party invites for your daughter to emailing that coworker back on time, managing things is easier because you have personal and professional life blended together! There’s no commute and no separation, so nothing gets missed!

  • FICTION: It’s more fun. This is a bit of a toss-up. WFH can be fun. However, it can also cause a rise in stress levels. Professionals will have to recognize burnout and then work to separate personal from professional time. This is why you hear so much about work-life balance. This is important for a reason. This can be FACT instead of FICTION if you manage this balancing act!


A challenge like none other

When you blend your professional life with your personal one, you’ll be introducing new joys and new challenges. If you are facing this new experience and find yourself with mixed feelings, use this post to help you make the right choice for taking the logical and productive approach to your new professional situation!


Kelterss is an experienced freelance business writer and holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Creating Writing. Having served over 3 200 customers while maintaining a 4.9/5 star rating, Kelterss is looking to focus her professional services in writing product descriptions and blog posts.

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