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There’s a whole lot of pros and cons of working at home for decades. People would always go to work in person but over the years of course times have definitely changed in this day in age during Covid there’s a big surge in working from home. But how do you know what’s right for you?


Work from home statistics:

According to thirty-five percent of respondents say they can work from home full-time. Another 23 percent can work from home from one to four days a week. A mere 13 percent of employed respondents say they could work remotely at least some of the time but opt not to. Forty-one percent of employed respondents don’t have the choice.


During COVID-19 close to 70% of full-time workers are working from home. After COVID-19 92% of people surveyed expect to work from home at least 1 day per week and 80% expected to work at least 3 days from home per week.


To help you figure all of this out, here are some of the top three pros and three cons to consider when considering working from home.

  • Pro: No Commute Time or Expense

Saving and even being frugal for anything is definitely important in this economy so saving time and gas money is definitely worth it if you want to cut out the traffic and those groggy feelings about early morning traffic and long driving times.

  • Pro: More Time Spent with Family

  Most people can relate to this of course everyone who likes to spend extra time with their family.

  • Pro: You Can get More Done

If you’re a solo rider or an introvert working at home can definitely increase your work production working at a comfortable pace without the stressful work environment.


  •  Con: Distractions at Home

Sometimes being at home can be straining if you have distractions and daily activities going on around you can have a chase diminishing your work productivity.

  • Con: Little to No Exercise

Depending on what exactly you do in your career, being at home could have a negative impact on your physical health. Always look for opportunities to stretch, take a walk, or simply have an exercise routine set in place to reduce having health issues.

  • CON: Lack of a Social Environment

Being able to work at home has a lot of perks but no matter how you cut it humans are naturally sociable beings so just take note of that and evaluate if this would really work for you definitely if you’re an extrovert


So that was my opinion all and all it just depends on your situation and circumstance. If you really think you’ll be a good fit, consult your boss and propose doing work remotely! 

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