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  • It’s Time to Step Up Your Home Business Game - It may sound difficult to go from the so-called sharing economy to owning a proper business, but the truth is you’re almost there. You’ve got a skill to sell — whether it’s marketing, writing, designing or consulting — not to mention a growing list of clients you’ve found on the web. Now it’s time to […]
  • 5 Ways to Successfully Grow Your New Home-Based Business - Setting up your own business may seem simple. But when you’re trying to build your business from home, you need to be especially organized. Home-based businesses require even more patience, attention to detail, and a drive to succeed. Not to mention having the right  tools and tips to help your business thrivel. With this in […]
  • How I Find Inspiration Working from Home - Being your own boss is exactly as wonderful as it sounds. I get to make my own schedule, take free time when I need it, and choose my own projects based on my interests and goals. However, by far the biggest difficulty that comes with being self-employed is the challenge of maintaining inspiration and motivation […]